Is Stress Harming Your Fertility?

You’ve been trying to conceive but you’re struggling.

You're doing everything right, so why can't you fall pregnant?

Or perhaps you’re not ovulating and you don't know why.

To put it quite simply, increased stress levels = decreased sex hormones.

What are your stress levels like?

Is work causing you stress?

Are you putting pressure on yourself and spreading yourself too thin?

Are you exercising too much?

Our sympathetic nervous system kicks into gear when we are stressed, releasing cortisol and adrenalin (stress hormones).

This perceived stress and release of cortisol and adrenalin is designed to prepare our body to either run away from or fight "threat".

This response used to work really well for us when we were cavewomen, back when we were needing to run from a predator or when were needing energy to source food.

However, as we have evolved, we no longer need to hunt our food down or run from predators, yet we are still releasing these stress hormones; just not in the way we should be.

The key thing to remember is that stress only becomes stress based on how we perceive it.

Situations that you may find stressful, another woman may not.

It is all about how we perceive and manage our stress that can make all the difference.

So what does stress have to do with infertility?

When it comes to our reproductive health, stress can cause a massive interference.

See our body is super smart, when we are stressed, it shuts down sex hormone production.

This is because our body recognises that it is an unsafe time to conceive.

This is completely fine for a short period of time but what does it mean if our stress is chronic?

Well, when reproductive suppression becomes chronic, this can result in infertility because our body continues to recognise that it is an unsafe time to conceive.

So what can you do to reduce stress and kick those sex hormones back into gear?

There are so many things but here are just a handful that you can do today to bring your stress levels down!

* Eat enough and eat regularly (when we don't eat regularly and/or eat enough, our body is tricked into thinking there is a famine, leading to the release of stress hormones)

* Deep belly breathing

* Get enough sleep

* Meditate

* Gratitude journal

* Play and have fun

Please note, that although stress plays a massive role and has a massive influence in fertility, it may not be the only reason why you are struggling to conceive.

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