5 Simple Ways To Nourish Your Hormones

Want to regulate your cycle, boost fertility and reduce PCOS/endometriosis symptoms?

Are you sick of your hormonal imbalances getting in the way of living the life you know you deserve?

Girl, I have you covered with five simple ways to nourish your hormones and have you feeling blissfully nourished!

One. Just Eat Real Food

Eating real food that doesn't come from a packet, offers your body a range of amazing nutrients that help to nourish your body on a cellular level.

Why does this matter? Eating in this way results in more energy, improved mood, balanced hormones (hello pain-free, regular monthly cycles), clearer skin and so much more!

When you are consuming food that comes straight from the earth, you body will thank you for it - trust me.

Bonus:The more colour on your plate, the better!

Two. Practice Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing

When we practice deep diaphragmatic breathing (belly breathing), our body recognises that we aren't under any physical or emotional 'threat', and that it is a safe time to produce all of our nourishing hormones.

Why does this matter? When we are stressed, our sympathetic nervous system takes over and releases adrenaline (or cortisol if we are depriving our body of food).

When our body is releasing adrenaline and/or cortisol, it doesn't make all of the amazing and necessary hormones that nourish our body because it is not a priority - dealing with the 'threat' is.

Deep diaphragmatic breathing can help you switch over to your parasympathetic nervous system.

When our parasympathetic nervous system kicks in, this is when the body is able to rest, digest, reproduce and repair - a pretty important state to be in, right?

Chronic stress levels may result in absent monthly cycles, no ovulation, low mood, fatigue, acne, PCOS and endometriosis symptom flare-ups and so much more!

Allocate at least 10-20 minutes morning and night to practice deep diaphragmatic breathing and watch as your stress levels start to dissolve.

Three. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep plays a massive role in not only our overall health but also in our hormonal health.

Cellular repair occurs when we are asleep and this is absolutely vital!

When we are not getting enough uninterrupted, quality sleep (at least 7-9 hours each and every night), we are not allowing our body the opportunity to carry out this cellular repair, therefore leading to the devastating disruption of bodily functions such as hormone synthesis.

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Four. Drink Enough Water

We all know that consuming water is important but many of us still don't drink enough.

We often wait until we get thirsty and this is not a good sign, this means the body is already dehydrated.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps to facilitate the elimination of waste via the urine and reduces symptoms such as constipation (no one likes to be stuck on the toilet, am I right?).

Keep a drink bottle close by and be sure to sip on it constantly throughout the day.

A simple way to monitor your hydration levels is to assess the colour of your urine.

Aim for a light straw colour. If it is vivid yellow - you are severely dehydrated sister! Get drinking ASAP!

Five. Move Your Body

We are designed as humans to move our body and research and common sense teaches us that a sedentary lifestyle can take years off our lives.

So, want to ensure you can still tie your own shoelaces in years to come?

Try mixing up different types of exercise such as weights, pilates, swimming, walking, yoga, bike riding, or dancing.

Or, you could park your car further away and walk to get your steps up, take the stairs instead of the lift, play catch with the kids, or spend time in the garden.

Need some extra help with your hormonal imbalances? Find out how we can work together to create your most blissfully nourished and hormonally balanced life here.