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Water: How much should you be drinking?

We all know that we should be drinking water everyday but do we know how much we should be really be drinking?

Did you know that the human body is made up of (on average) 60% of water?

Knowing how much water you should be drinking each day is dependant on a number of factors such as your current health status, your weight and how active you are.

Every cell in your body that makes up tissues and organs requires water in order to be able to keep the body functioning optimally. In the body, water plays a role in waste elimination, temperature regulation, digestion, blood circulation, absorption of nutrients and much more.

If you are an active person who loves to play sport, go to the gym or pound some pavement, chances are you are sweating out a lot of water and this water needs to be replenished in order to keep the body performing those above, mentioned functions.

According to The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, males should be consuming approximately 3.7 litres/day and woman should be consuming approximately 2.7/day with approximately 20% coming from our food and approximately 80% coming from drinks. Click here to see the full report.

It is important to note also that you may require more water if you have been drinking coffee or alcohol as they are known diuretics.

My Top 5 Tips To Getting Enough Water Throughout The Day:

  1. Keep a water bottle next to you – keeping a water bottle close by can be that constant reminder you need to keep hydrated.
  2. Keep it interesting – pop some fresh lemon and lime or some berries and mint in your water if you need a little bit of flavour to keep you motivated.
  3. Challenge a friend – perhaps you and your coworker/s could set a challenge to keep each other motivated throughout the day to reach a certain amount by a certain point during the day.
  4. Use an app – there are many apps available (such as Waterlogged) to help you stay motivated with notifications that alert you and remind you to keep the fluids up.
  5. Eat water dense foods – foods such as cucumber (approx. 96% water), zucchini (approx. 95% water), watermelon (approx. 92% water) and grapefruit (approx. 91% water) are water dense foods that can help increase your daily water intake.

So perhaps this year, one of your New Years resolutions could be to drink more water, after all ensuring we are drinking enough throughout our day has such a profound effect on our bodies and ultimately the way we feel.

If you have any other tips you would like to share on how to stay motivated to drink enough water, please leave me a comment and let me know! If you would like some extra accountability, when posting on Instagram, use the #blissfullyhydrated so that we can all encourage each other!

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